Stock management

Populate your products list

It's your decision how to do it: add products one by one, import from an excel / csv list or get the products from another inventory.

Manage stock entries

Beside products, inventory management needs entries to be added. In a very quick manner you can add inputs, outputs and movements between locations.

Manage inventory by locations

Your inventory could have one or more locations to manage. That why Mobile Inventory allows you to define locations, manage transactions and extract reports by location.

Get real time stocks and navigate easily through transactions

Real time entries mean real time stocks ... Analyze the entries by using friendly tools: filters, sort, quick search, etc.

Export inventory - stocks and entries

Transfer your work to an excel file (locally, on drive, shared via email, etc.)

Take stock

Get products from Predefined lists / Stock management or Add products manually

Populate products list by choosing from the alternatives: importing from a predefined Excel (.xls, .xlsx, .csv) product list, taking over from Stock management at a certain date, adding products manually one by one.

Count items

Add collected quantities by using: barcode scan, quick search, category filter, calculator, tags, counting history, batching factor.

Export counting results (excel file)

Capitalize your work and export inventory list in a .xls /.xlsx format file. The exported list is especially designed for following matching processes and can be saved locally, on drive, shared via email, etc.

Some of the app features

1.Import in batch or add items one by one

Predefine a products list in an Excel format file, bring it to the mobile device (via Drive, DropBox, Email, other transfer ways) and import it to the app.

Products can be added one by one from app too. Just fill product identification fields and collect quantities!

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2. Barcode / QR / NFC code & Search to quickly identify items

This is the right feature if your products are assigned with QR / Barcodes or NFC tags.

You can scan product QR / Barcode with mobile device camera for a quick identifying in products range or for assigning QR / Barcode automatically to the products.

If your device has NFC reader you can identify products by placing it in the vicinity of the NFC tag.

Search is an excellent tool for identifying the wanted product from the inventory list. By typing the right keywords your products list collapses to the matched items.

3. Manage stock entries

In a very quick manner you can add inputs, outputs and movements between locations.

Each entry is associated to a product and a location so you can manage easily your inventory.

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4. Locations management

Multiple inventory locations could fit to your case.

Mobile Inventory allows you to define locations, manage transactions and extract reports by location.

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5. History

Any entry can be easily identified in entries list because of the filter and sort features. Once identified you can edit or delete it.

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6. Filters for items and entries

You can filter the products list by locations, tags, collection status (collected, not collected) or category.

Also the entries can be filtered by: locations, entry types, entry dates (from ... to ...) and tags.

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7. Built-in calculator

No more additional accessories for any math operations in take inventory process. You have all-in-one here!

You can collect quantities in basic measure unit or any batching unit by using the conversion factor.

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8. User defined tags

Assign tags to your entries and later filter by them. ex: show all damaged products.

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9.Custom fields

You can add your custom fields and use them in stock management and/or take stock operations.

There are 4 types of fields available: Text, Number, Image and NFC - but the list is opened.

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10. Custom display

Each item from the products list contains 6 areas where are placed miscellaneous fields assigned to the product.

You have the possibility to define your own combination (add /remove fields, change the order) which can contain custom fields too.

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11. Images

A picture is worth a thousand words!

When we have many inventory items, much of them with ambiguous and long names, it's hard to do the identification in a short time. In these conditions an image for comparison seems to be a good idea.

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Mobile Inventory Nfc

12. Write NFC tags       Premium  

You don't need another application to write NFC tags. You can choose to write to tag from the dedicated NFC field or any of: SKU, Product name, QR / Barcode.

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Mobile Inventory Export

13. External barcode scanner       Premium  

Sometimes a barcode scanner is a faster reader than the device camera.

In these cases all you have to do is to connect the barcode scanner to the mobile device via cable / bluetooth technology and start scanning the barcodes.

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14. Export data to Excel file       Premium  

In both cases - Stock management and Take stock - you can export data to excel files which can be saved locally, on drive, shared via email, etc.

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Mobile Inventory Export

15. Backup & Restore locally       Premium  

You need your data to be safely because accidents could happen with your mobile device.

We recommend to do time to time backups and save them locally/to your computer/cloud/SD card, etc. So you can restore all your data in case something wrong happens.

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FREE PREMIUM - 49€ excl. VAT SYNC - 5.99€/device/mo excl. VAT
Stock management
Take stock
Unlimited inventories Limited to 3 Shared inventories
Unlimited products Limited to 5000 products per inventory
Unlimited transactions Limited to 50k transactions per inventory
Import products list
Barcode reader / QR Code reader
Backup & Restore locally
Backup & Restore on CLOUD
Export data to Excel file
NFC tag reader
External barcode scanner
Expiration date
Minimum stock
Entry images field
Multiple user synchronization

*Premium license is a one-time payment

**SYNC license is a recurring monthly/yearly payment - It is a recurring monthly/yearly payment - Subject so some limitations: 3 shared inventories, 5000 products / shared inventory, 50k transactions / shared inventory. This limit will increase over time - every user that wants to have access to a 'Shared inventory' needs the SYNC license - the license is limited to ONE device per account

Both licenses are associated with one user account